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Join the City of Sins

Grand Theft Auto 5 or what we all love to call GTA 5 is the latest entry to the long-running roster of open-world games from Rockstar, that pushes the limit of realistic gameplay in the gaming industry. GTA 5 gives you a chance to step into the city of sins as robbers and fight your way through powerful businessmen, gangsters, corrupt cops, and sometimes… even your own wife!

Join this crazy adventure to become part of a team of a ruthless crime master, a junkie, and a young gangster to carry out some of the most insane heists throughout the city of Los Santos and San Andreas. But be sure to take some time off from your life of crime to enjoy the beauty of life.

GTA 5 2.0 APK download no verification
GTA 5 2.0 APK download no verification

A Challenge for Pro Gamers

So, the fun part of this amazing adventure is that it runs easily on each gadget with more than 1 GB of RAM. It’s lightweight since it gets all the fundamental documents very quickly, making it charming. Enough of the thought about whether you will have enough free space on your phone. At whatever point you enter another zone, the documents will right away and stay there until you leave. In any case, that is a few out of every odd improvement that was made to GTA 5 Android.

The game uses the most recent GPU imitating which makes it look similar in the same class as PC form. It is rich with gratitude for all the executed game streamlining contents and the online mode enables you to play with individuals from all around the world. A completely useful form of the game is directly here readily available! The procedure is pretty straightforward also. All you need to do is to get the APK record or IPA document and introduce it on your gadget. At that point, the game will dispatch and lead you through all the further advances. You won’t discover anything simpler than that!

 GTA 5 On Mobile for free
GTA 5 On Mobile for free

Don’t miss anything adventurous

Grand Theft Auto 5 for cell phones is, as you can figure, available in two different versions. One was created with the idea of clients who use gadgets furnished with the Android working framework. The other one is made for iPhones, iPads, and different iDevices that are fit for boosting the game.

For undeniable reasons, the interactivity mechanics were slightly changed to make it a lot simpler for the clients to make the display without any issues. By and by, the most significant components of ongoing interaction just as key attributes that the game could brag are as yet the equivalent. It suggests that we can seek after an exceptionally fascinating driving framework, well-created illustrations (which was likewise upgraded for the cell phones), and a shooting framework that will speak to most of you.

It is worth referring that as it suits huge changes, GTA 5 Mobile doesn’t require very new and exceptionally boosted phones to dispatch it easily, with no issues identified along with improvement. Along these lines, to appreciate Gta v android or its iOS partner, it is prescribed to use a newly released phone that gives you speed and a nonstop working framework.

The Ultimate Open-World Experience in GTA V Mobile

Grand Theft Auto 5 surely is one of the most power-hungry games made for pc and consoles and for the very right reasons. From ultra-realistic graphics to insane in-game mechanics, GTA 5 offers everything that you wish to see in an open-world game and beyond.

While it does require immense power from your pc or console, the developers have come up with a rather optimizing solution for the GTA 5 mobile to keep the requirement very low, so even a moderate mobile phone can run the game smoothly without any problem. This makes it super easy for anyone with a mid to high-end mobile device to enjoy the reckless real-life experience of the sin city without having the need to change or upgrade their phone!

From visuals to game mechanics, everything has been kept at its best with some incredible optimization, so that players can experience the true high-quality of GTA 5 right on their smartphones. Although some of the least accessed areas of the game have been removed to keep the mobile version as lightweight as possible without heavily affecting the gameplay of the game.

GTA 5 character enjoying party

The Story, Plot, And the Characters

GTA 5 carries on the popular tradition of Rockstar games with a rather crime-full story, where a failed heist results in the alleged death of Michael Townley, one of the main protagonists of the story. Sure of his partner’s death, the other protagonist of the story, Trevor, leaves him and tries to start a new life leaving behind his criminal past.

But much to everyone’s surprise, Michael survived the police intervention and instead took a witness protection deal from the police to start a new life with a new identity and now goes by the name of Michael De Santa and lives with his wife Amanda De Santa and two kids Tracey and Jimmy.

As fate would have it, Michael couldn’t stay away from the life of crime, and years later, destiny brought the two together for a new start to the life of heists. But this time, young blood by the name of Franklin Clinton also joins them to put an end to being a petty gangster and earn a living with the two. And so the story begins.

GTA 5 Characters Franklin, Trevor and Michael

GTA 5 Mobile Features

There have been a few changes made in the mobile version of the game but it still possesses most of the fun features that have made GTA 5 so popular in the first place. Keeping in mind all the different aspects of the game, here is a list of all the features that you get in GTA 5 APK.

  • The game incorporates the classic weapons switching and shooting mechanics to ensure a realistic GTA experience, as you would on a pc or console.
  • The mobile version of the game comes packed with customization options for the player to be able to change the look of the character according to his likes and dislikes.
  • Most of the cars in the original game will make their way to GTA 5 mobile with all the original features.
  • The ability to save the game in a house will also be a defining feature of the mobile version of the game.
  • Some UI changes will also become a part of the game to make the controls easier for the player and enhance the gaming experience on a mobile device.

Graphics and Sound

The gameplay is an integral part of any game but the graphics are equally as important. You don’t need to worry about anything, GTA 5 mobile has got you all covered. All the 3D graphics are supported by GTA 5 Apk which is quite amazing, to say the least. The game is redesigned for you to have stunning animation and breath-taking visuals. It is now extremely easy to move around anywhere in the city. All user-friendly and reality-based graphics have been added for a perfect user experience.

Not only this but also the sound effects have been all great and indispensable to a point where you can no longer differentiate between a game and a real-life scene. Last but not least now in GTA 5 Android you can customize your character as per your choice just how you like it. Isn’t it amazing? So are you ready to experience the most real journey of your life?

File Information

Application NameGTA 5 APK
Application VersionBeta V1.0
Root RequireNo Need
Supported Operating SystemAndroid
DeveloperMikeGaming YT

Requirements for installing GTA 5 Mobile Online

Operating SystemAndroid 4.4.0, preferably higher
RAM2 GB or 2048 MB
ProcessorQuad-core or more
GPUAdreno or more
Storage2 GB

GTA 5 Mobile Gameplay

Now you might think that GTA 5 mobile will be a lot of difference in terms of gameplay than the pc and console versions of the game but fortunately, that’s not the case. Thanks to the optimizations put in place, you can have pretty much the same experience as you’d playing the pc version of the game, with only a few minor changes.

Just like the pc and console versions, you can play the game in either first-person or the third-person perspective, depending on your playstyle. And at any point in the game, you can switch between the three main protagonists as long as the mission that you are in allows it.

The player will have a number of ways to traverse through the vast open-world from ground vehicles to boats and even jets to fly around the world. GTA 5 mobile also offers a number of customization options to change how your player looks inside the game. You can walk into the player’s house and into the closet to change his clothes or you can walk into any of the brand shops to buy him a new suit.

And of course, there are a plethora of weapons at your disposal that you can use inside the missions, fight off gangsters or even mess around with the city’s police to have fun! However, some of the controls in the mobile version of the game have been changed to make it easier for you to navigate around and aim the weapons with ease.

GTA 5 Mobile Screenshots

How to GTA 5 Download Android APK offline?

Now you might be wondering how to download and play GTA 5 APK on your android devices. Well, worry not! Because downloading and installing this game has never been easier. And no! You don’t even need to have an emulator to play this game, you can go right ahead and download the game by clicking the “Download Button” up there and that’s pretty much it.

Let’s get ahead around how easy it is to install GTA 5 Mobile.

  • First of all, click the button above to get GTA 5 APK.
  • Click the APK file and simply install it.
  • If you haven’t permitted 3rd party applications on your android device, just go to the settings and turn on the unknown sources in the security option.
  • The entire procedure may take up to 2-3 minutes relying on what gadget you have.
  • Once installed, the game will get information and an OBB record.
  • Have fun playing GTA 5 Android.
How to install gta 5 apk step by step and trun on unknown sources in android moblies

Still in doubt?

You probably wonder whether there are massive differences between GTA 5 Android and PC. All things considered, there are not many changes that should have been performed to enable other individuals to make the entrance without the smallest issues. That is the reason before you choose to use one of the GTA 5 APK download connections you can discover on our page, you should know what was changed when thought about GTA 5 ios/android version and its unique PC variant.

The first thing, as we referenced previously, is the graphics. To make Grand Theft Auto 5 versatile all the more compatible with phones, the developers had to make plenty of minor changes. Therefore, when you get GTA 5 APK on your phone, you might see some minor changes but these are just to make the game run smoother on your phone.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is GTA 5 mobile download free?

    GTA 5 APK is one of the most iconic video games ever but we all know an adventure doesn't come free as I said we have got you all covered. Because now you can enjoy your all-time favorite game just for free. All you need to do is to download the game from above and cease all the limits of fun.

  2. Can I download GTA 5 download APK on android?

    Well, it's now a child's play to download any game on android and we all know that. Likewise downloading GTA 5 APK on android has never been so easy. With 5 simple steps, you can get and install GTA 5 download APK file on your android device. Just read the above paragraph and you are good to go.

  3. Is GTA V available for android?

    Nowadays everyone wants to have fun and work on the go. Whether you are at work or outside or home you want everything to be fit on your android device. Well, it's a great idea so why not tell you that GTA 5 Apk is now available on android, now you can enjoy playing in your different characters on the go, Anywhere, Anytime. So, hurry up and enjoy your game.

  4. Is Grand Theft Auto V available on Google Play?

    No, but you can download this amazing game from our website.


If you are looking for a great adventure and something that has no limits, believe me, you have come to the right spot and the game is a perfect excuse. The GTA 5 APK android is exciting and takes you to a world where life feels fluid. There are so many activities that you can engage in. The game will bring you exciting experiences as you become a criminal, free to move around the city, and perform missions. It has a great design and you can explore the whole city for many hours and remain as part of the story. Wait this is not it, amazing 3D graphics and indispensable sound effects have just made it more attractive to the gamers and brought it to the edge. Being in control feels extremely good.


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