GTA 5 Online Missions



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As we know that Grand Theft Auto not only offers single-player gameplay in an open-world scenario but it also offers players an opportunity to join in a Multiplayer server and have a better gaming experience of the game with friends.

In a single-player game, mode players have storyline missions to stick with and complete them to complete the story and win rewards.

Then what multiplayer mode offers?

Well, the Multiplayer mode of GTA 5 has a different type of approach when it comes to mission in the MP mode.

A server is created where 16 players can participate in the multiplayer mode of the game. They all share the same story but missions in the game are not centralized and each player is kind of playing a part in the whole story.

Regarding the mission in the Multiplayer mode of GTA 5, one would wonder how it starts?

How missions start in GTA 5 online multiplayer?

Well, each player participating in the online MP mode starts off the mission in the game as they receive a message on their phone from a non-playable character, in other words, THE BOSS. n that message, the player will be assigned a mission that he has to complete to earn rewards in the form of in-game cash and they also receive Reputation points upon successful completion of a mission.

Like in many other games, the tougher the mission higher the reward policy is implemented, similarly upon completion of a mission that is difficult to do player will receive a higher cash reward.

Initially, the players have one three mission to play in the multiplayer mode but as players successfully complete a mission it progresses and unlocks the locked missions.

Reward System

As the players participate in missions and complete each mission, players are rewarded with three different things.

JP refers to Job Point, Dollars, and RP which stands for Reputation Points. The reward system in the game recently received some changes in it as its reward percentage will be deducted if players take more time to complete a specified job/mission.

The reward system of the mission in the game is based on two things, one, the difficulty of the mission, and two, the time taken to complete that mission. Moreover, the reward system also varies from the types of players participating in the completion of the mission.

It is worth mentioning here that the mission in the Multiplayer Mode follows no strict rules regarding which mention is completed first and which is completed last, but there is an exception in the mission chronological order when it comes to the mission offered by LAMAR

As for the mobile version of the game, such sophistication is yet to come since the game itself is under the process of development and players might expect after downloading the game that it may offer them the real MP experience of the GTA online mode it might turn out to be a disappointment for them. But since the development of the game is underway so it can be expected that the Multiplayer mode of the game may be offered by the developer in the near future.

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