GTA 5 Characters Michael, Trevor and Brad

GTA 5 Plot



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Unlike other versions of GTA, GTA 5 has three protagonists which include: Michael De SantaTrevor Philips, and Franklin Clinton.

The story starts with a robbery when Michael alongside Trevor and Brad was robbing a Bank and got raided by the police. But while they try to flee from the scene they were chased by the police and Michael and brad got shot by the police.

GTA 5 Characters Michael, Trevor and Brad
Michael, Trevor and Brad

During the fight against the police, Trevor manages to flee, thinking that Michael and Brad died but it was a plan that Michael has already planned with the police and FIB agent.

After few years Michael was living in Los Santos with his family under a changed surname. In Los Santos, Michael meets the third protagonist Franklin who helps Michael’s son while someone tries to kidnap Michael’s son alongside his boat.

Later in the story, Michael finds his wife cheating on him with her tennis coach who is then chased by Michael and Franklin.

The tennis coach manages to hide but Michael and Franklin find out that he was hiding in a mansion and destroy it. But unfortunately, the mansion they destroyed belonged to a Drug Lord who approaches Michael and threatens him to kill him if he did pay for the damage he has caused to his mansion.

And that how Michael gets back to his old routine of robbing. Michael alongside Franklin then plans to rob a jewelry shop which plan was devised by Michael’s friend.

After they successfully robbed the jewelry shop the news of it was being aired which reaches Trevor who was now dealing in Weapons and made expanded his business to the extent that a Chinese gang becomes his enemy.

Trevor after find that Michael has robbed the jewelry shop manages to approach him in Los Santos where he expands his business by robbing a company, Merryweather.

Afterward in the Story, Michael and Trevor are approached by two FIB agents who threaten Michael if he did not accept their offer and work for them. They want Michael and Trevor to do some illegal jobs for them and as for the financial support of it Michael has to arrange all the money for it.

To arrange the money to raid IAA, Michael approaches a self-made Billionier who refer Michael to a film making studio where Michael become a producer; but it was a trap that was fabricated by the Billionier so that he by closing the studio and running away with the film get the insurance money. But Michael finds out his plan when a billionaire secretary runs away with the film but dies in an accident and that results in the increased rivalry between the Billionaire and Michael.

As this all happens, The DrugLord again contacts Michael and Trevor and seeks their help in recovering classified information which his cousin was about to present in the court as evidence for his illegal acts.

Trevor and Michael chase the DrugLord’s cousin, crashes his jet, and get the confidential files, but Trevor demands money if the DrugLord wants that files which the druglord declines, and its results in his wife being abducted by Trevor.

Later in the story, Michael persuades Trevor to handover the valuable item that he has found while robbing the Merryweather along with his wife to the druglord and promises Trevor that they will work on their biggest plan of robbing the Union Depository to which Trevor agrees.

Later in the story, Trevor and Michael return to Los Santos, and one day Trevor asked Michael about who was buried in the graveyard if he was not killed back then when they were robbing the bank with Brad.

After finding Michael reluctant to answer Trevor heads toward the graveyard where he finds the dead body of Brad in a coffin which fuels the fire of enmity between Trevor and Michael, As they were having a face-off in the graveyard, the Chinese gang approaches their and tries to kill Trevor but he flees the scene and Michael got abducted instead.

Franklin after known about Michael’s abduction devise a plan with Lester and saves Michael. Later they both were contacted by the FIB agent to raid the FIB office and delete their record but after the successful raid at the FIB office, Michael does something that the FIB agent didn’t expect. Michael deletes his data instead of that agent.

Then the FIB agent calls Michael to meet him where he tries to kill him but FIB raids the situation and it results in an intense shootout but fortunately, Michael got save by Trevor.

The Trevor and Michael decide to work as a partner and carry out their biggest heist which they had planned but Fraklins contacts them to save his friend Lamar; after saving Lamar, Franklin, Trevor, and Michael successfully rob Union Depository.

Franklin after their joint venture got approached by Two Parties who offers Franklin either to kill Trevor or Michael but he decided to wipe out their enemies and successfully do so, after all these confrontations The Trio kills that Billioner who boobytrapped Michael and then three of them after getting rid of every enemy of their and clearing their criminal record to live their lives peacefully again.

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