The Families

The Families Gang - Grand Theft Auto V

When it comes to Grand Theft Auto Franchise Gangs have been one of the main features of the series and it’s no different for the gangs in the latest Grand Theft Auto 5 game with many gangs flooding the streets.

The Families is one of the largest gangs in the game and like most of the other gangs this one is also based on the real life gang by the name of Crips.

The Families Background

The Families mainly control the neighborhood of the Chamberlain hills and the Strawberries with many of the members wandering the streets of these areas. They can be easily recognized by the green color of the t-shirts that they wear around mostly that happens to be the sports jerseys of the local baseball teams by the names of Los Santos Corker and Feud baseball team.

The Ballas and Los Santos Vagos, we can say are the arch rivals of the Families amongst others as we have already seen in GTA San Andreas. They have hatred against each other and would end up in a gang war if they ever confronted each other on the street.

Franklin, one of the protagonists in the game, appears to the be member of the families along with his best friend Lamar Davis who he knows from his childhood and they probably ended up joining the gang at the same time to earn some quick bucks which doesn’t end up too good for Lamar and Franklin would often save him be it hoax drug deals, shootouts and much more.

More About the Families

The members of this gang are African-American and the leader of this gang is what everyone knows as “The Boss”. The families are involved in all sorts of crimes mostly including Drug trafficking, vehicles trafficking, weapon trafficking and shootouts.

They use Crystal hall, Leroy’s electricals, All swell and others as the fronts for their criminal activities to cover their trail. Their rides mostly includes Emperor, Buccanneer, Manana, BMX and nemesis amongst others that they use throughout the game.

All though there are many weapons that the gang members of the Families use in the game but the main ones or their favorite ones are SMGs, Pistols, Pump-action and knife that they keep in handy for defense and offense as well.