Top 5 Mods For GTA 5 Android



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Grand Theft Auto 5 is the game that everyone loves due to the reason that it has a reputable position in the gaming community as the previous versions of the game have proven its metal in terms of graphics, gameplay, storyline, and due to the versatility that it offers to its users. When we speak of versatility and how much this game is dynamic then we not only confining ourselves to the gameplay of GTA but also we are talking about what extra it offers to its audience.

And when we speak of what extra the game offers to the audience. The MODs of the game are the first thing that comes into the mind of a person.

MODs in GTA V are something that Rockstar itself has not introduced, rather these mods are player-generated and by those who love to play this game and want to make the most of the versatility that the game offers to players.

There are many mods one which is just one Google search away, players just have to search GTA V mods and a plethora of variety of mods will be presented in front of them. So today, here we will be looking at the Top 5 Mods for GTA 5 APK.

Los Santos Truck Simulator

If you are a Truck lover and for the love of it you might have played Euro Truck Simulator, so this mod is for you. Players after installing this mod can drive a truck around the streets of Los Santos. Moreover, players can also get to complete missions as well. Players can receive contracts as a mission and upon completion of the mission, rewards are guaranteed.


For lovers of aesthetics and admirers of natural beauty, the GTA Redux mod is perfect. This mod offers players to experience Lush 4K HD graphics, beautiful scenarios, and weather. Not only this but players also get to experience better handling of the weapons, new vehicle design, and improved yet new NPC behavior.

Iron Man Mark 50

If you are a fan of Iron Man and have dreamed of flying in an armor suit equipped with sophisticated weapons and throw energy beams then Iron Man Mark 50 GTA V mod will serve the purpose. This mod is inspired by Iron Man so players can enjoy and fly around or levitate in the skies of Los Santos.

Complex Control

Want to get a Battle Royale gaming experience but in GTA? then look no more, as COMPLEX CONTROL mod of GTA V offers the BATTLE ROYALE gameplay in GTA. Players will be spawned randomly on the map and have to fight their way to the last shrinking zone.

Simple Zombie

The zombie apocalypse is something that gamers and those who love to watch Zombie movies would love to experience once before they die, but sadly it can not be experienced in reality rather one can play their favorite Zombie Appocelyps in their favorite game GTA 5. player gets an opportunity to fight against zombies and can also build camps, can also drive modified vehicle perfect for running over the zombies.

All these mods of Grand Theft Auto 5 and many more can be played by simply downloading and installing them which will not only make the game interesting but also give a unique touch to the game.

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